The Right Way

Duff here. Mom and I were out on Our early Morning Jaunt. We were roaming through a Meadow, filled with cactus and junipers. Some poplar and Oak trees too. Being eight inches off the ground, My perspective is different from Mom’s. Sometimes I catch a Flash of a Squirrel. Another time? A chipmunk was sitting straight Up, scolding Me for being in His Territory. All part of living unstuck.

On Our return, I retrace the original Route. With My Super Nose, I know the Right way. Mom, however, has a tendency to wander off the path We came in on. She has a Panoramic view of the Area, and likes to take Shortcuts. No! We came this way, and must return on the Exact Same Route. I pull Her along as a Good Canine would. But sometimes She overrides My Strategy as She picks Me up and carries Me to Our Starting Point. As long as We get Home to tidbits, I’m good. Living unstuck.

How about You? Return the Same way after an Adventure? Or do You mosey onto New Vistas? I say: If You can see the bigger Picture, Go for it. Mom has led Us into the Most Interesting Places. If You can’t, You may Get lost. And Take it from Me, no munchies for You. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-right-way

Your destination is not so far when you choose the right path.

—Sejal Maurya

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