The Rainbow Bridge

Dear Gentle Reader,

This past weekend, I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I have had Many Exciting Adventures, most of which I shared with You. My version of Fetch. How I would travel up the Hill when Mom called, giving her the Paw. Playing at Doggy Day Camp. Our fun at Doggy Training camp where My front paws never Touched the ground.

Well, now I have a new Body. I can romp about and have the Zoomies. Turn on a Dime to reverse directions as I did when I was a Puppy. Get into Mischief of all Sorts (again.) Truly living unstuck.

Imagine My delight when — at the bridge — My Predecessor, Snoop Doggy Dog, was there to welcome Me. She said She would continue to regale You with tales of Her Time on Planet Earth. And oh my! She has many Hair-raising experiences to Share. I know You will enjoy traveling with Her on her Antics as much as You did with Me. That’s living unstuck.

I want to thank you for Your Kindness and Love on Our journey together. I look forward to greeting You on the other Side when the time is right. Until then, take good care of Yourself. I’m always there for You.

Tail wags,
The Duff Himself

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