The Primo Defender

Duff here. Uncle Horace was on My Gentle Birth Mom’s side of the family Tree. He was Precious and easy Going at times, often bounding about with Energy to Burn. Being an expert of Cuteness, He could Charm the Daylights out of People. He would beg with the Best of Them, and grew Plump in His later years. Like Me, Doritos were His favorites. Living unstuck.

One of His Stellar Achievements was to guard the House. The Doorbell would ring, and He would Bark like a Banshee. Fierce and protective, that was Him, for He pictured Himself as a Mighty Warrior. His Mistress often said He had a Doberman Complex. He felt much Bigger than He actually was, but It was to His Detriment in the Guarding Profession. Some might even have called Him an Ankle Biter. They simply didn’t see The Doberman in Him. Sheesh! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have Visions of being Someone Else? Or are You content with Who You are? I say: Every now and Again, indulge Yourself. Imagine yourself to be the Ruler of the World. Or a Master Chef. Or a Primo Defender. You never know what will come Up. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#defender

In the dog-eat-dog economy,
the Doberman is boss.

—Franklin Jones

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