The Power of a Kind Word or Deed

Never underestimate the power of a kind word or deed.

—H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Duff photoDuff here. Such a compelling statement. My mom has a poster of Brown’s musings on the wall in our office, Unstuck Living. Since I can’t read (Dogs don’t you know), mom reads them to me as I sit in her lap. And since she feels good when she contemplates them, I feel good too, for I am quite perceptive. I pick up on all sorts of feelings and emotions. Not just energy from other Dogs but from People, too. I live unstuck.

As part of my Therapy Dog Position, I am to be gracious and compassionate. If I sense a client is having major issues, I first ask permission to help them. If I get an okay, I then hop up on the recliner and snuggle in. A cuddle is a good deed in my book.

I also respond well to a kind word or deed. Tone of voice is very important when addressing me. I think if mom would read me the sports section of the paper in a kind and gentle tone, I would be mesmerized. Doesn’t matter what the content is. And when she pats my head (not too hard), I always feel loved. Talk about a benevolent deed! I’m living unstuck.

Are you like that too? Since I don’t speak your language, tone of voice is immaterial when I bark. But when you speak, do you use a Kind and Gentle tone with those you care about? Do you participate in random acts of kindness for a stranger every now and again? Do you compliment someone and make their day? I’ll bet you do. You’ll never know the power of that gesture. I invite you to do so: we can live unstuck together. #UnstuckLiving

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