The Near Encounter

Duff photoDuff here. As You know, Mom and I live in a rural area. Once We were on a Saunter (is there any other Way to walk?), and I stopped in My Tracks. And stared into the woods. And Kept on gazing until Mom finally saw what I was Pointing out to Her. A beautiful herd of 4-5 deer was standing there, curious about Us too. They eventually moved on, but Not before Mom caught a good Look. Living unstuck.

Yesterday, though, was a Different Story. Coming down the Hill. I spotted a Four-legged Creature, about My size. He came out of a Culvert, which to Me was a very Clever place to Reside. Mom and I had two different Reactions. I wanted to go and play. And Mom was pulling Me in the Opposite Direction for all She was worth. When My New found Friend unfurled His Enormous Black and White tail, She picked Me up and ran. Not unstuck at all.

How about You? Are You always moving into new Situations with Ease? Or does Something (or Someone) give You room to pause? I say: If stopping, Take a Second Look. This fellow had a peculiar scent I really wanted to Investigate. Perhaps not the Best Acquaintance to make. You may find that too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#near-encounter

What kills the skunk is the publicity it gives itself.

—Abraham Lincoln

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