The Kitchen Shenanigans

Duff here. Have I told You about My Aunt Rosaline? I admired Her Creativity. Her inventiveness. Her ability to check things Out. Her wonder at nature as She explored Her Universe. Her ability to Nap on the Spot, but be at the Ready should the Need arise. She was a Connoisseur of Special Treats, most of All enjoying Peanut Butter in a Toy. She would work at licking this Delicacy out of the Kong for Hours on end. Living unstuck.

But according to Her Owners, Rosaline had the uncanny ability to Climb. She would climb up open Drawers to get to Counter Tops. She climbed into the Baby’s Crib to curl up and comfort the Little Tyke. But She pushed too far when She got to the Ham topped with Pineapple and Brown Sugar on the kitchen Table. She was caught in the Act! And I feared for Her longevity. However, Her Owners relented. But I’m unsure what happened to that Delicacy. (I would have helped Her taste test, You know.) Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You participated in Kitchen Shenanigans? Or are You straight as a String when it comes to This Activity? I say: Let the Party begin! My Doggy Daddy would experiment with spices and such as He went, creating the Most Wonderful Foodstuffs ever. Go for it! Living unstuck. #unstuckliving#the-kitchen

Make your own fun.


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