The Intrepid Hunters

A duck call in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation’s greatest assets.

—Nash Buckingham

Duff here. You remember Kristoff, the Puppy who occasionally lives close By, don’t You? He is a Young Pup, full of Boundless Energy, often casting His Fate and Fortune to the Winds. Hearing of My hunting prowess with Squirrels, He came to Me for advice. Being Smaller and of Lighter Build than I am, We both decided He’d best stick to Grasshoppers for the First Time out. That Young ‘Un ran and jumped. Pounced and rolled. Made attempts by Vaulting up Walls. But These Critters are Wiley and Swift. I am not sure He caught anything, but it wasn’t for the Lack of Trying. Living unstuck.

Personally, I’m staying with Squirrel Hunting. I have tried making Friends with Them. Asked Them to play with Me. I have even walked on by, then made a Quick Move toward Them. They were too quick though, and even had the Moxie to chit-chat at Me while They scaled the Tree to Their Hidey-Hole. I don’t speak Squirrelese, but I’m certain it was not Complimentary. Enough to give a Guy a set of The Hips! Really now. The Lesson was over when Mom and Kristoff’s Mistress put Us on Our respective Leashes. (I think They felt sorry for Our Prey.) There’s always another day. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You quick to Catch Something? Or just enjoy the Chase? I say: The Journey is often More Fun than the Destination. At least that’s what Uncle Herbert said. But that’s a Story for another Day. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#hunting-grasshoppers

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