The Importance of a Haircut

Duff photoDuff here. Last week, I got to Meet and Greet with Ashley, My Groomer. Always a festive and Joy filled Event, for I feel So much better after My Coat is trimmed. And this cartoon of Cousin Fred reminded me of my Puppy Days. I would Scamper and Romp about in the House, running The Halls and Skidding through Corners. This Activity was just fine for a while, but I am part Shi-Tzu. My fur is long and Luxuriant, with a curl from the Toy poodle side of My Birth mom’s family. Soon I was Bumping into Walls, door Jambs, Furniture. Anything in front of me was fair Game. Definitely not unstuck.

At first, Mom thought I was going Blind. Anxiety reigned. Not a Good Scenario. But then, inspiration hit. She lifted My Bangs. And there were My pretty Brown Eyes, steadily regarding Her. Time for the First Haircut, for I couldn’t see much. My Forelock was shortened. And I got a Sanitary Cut, making Potty time much easier. I rejoiced and Continued to play. Felt like a New Puppy. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You let Your Hair grow long and Shaggy? How do You feel? Or do You get a Trim on a Regular basis? I recommend the Latter. I have found I look Sharp, feel better and Garner those Compliments when I do. You will Too! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-importance-of-a-haircut

Looking good isn’t self importance; it’s self respect.


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