The Heaviness of Gravity

As you age, gravity gets heavier.


Duff here. Mom was chatting with a Neighbor, and He came up with This profound statement. Have You ever noticed every Now and Again, Your Toe catches on Whatever? It could be a Rock. Or a Curb. Or the Running Board of a Truck. Mom caught her Toe when going down a Flight of Stairs the other day and took a Tumble. (When that happens, I steer Clear. No telling What will happen then.) She was Not living unstuck.

But Wayne had a Possible Reason for Why this is So. It seems as We age, Gravity gets heavier. The Feet don’t lift as high. The Legs don’t react as well as they did when We were 20 years old. We gauge the same Distance all Right, but the Mind doesn’t always cooperate with the Body. Even I have found This to Be the Case: I trip every Now and Again, in eager anticipation of Catching a Rabbit. Or chasing a Squirrel. But All is well. That is the Exception, rather than the Rule. I keep Stepping along and Revel in the Stroll. Living unstuck. How about You? Do You have a Time when You catch Your Shoe on an Obstacle? Or trip on Something Insignificant? I say: Slow down and Enjoy the Ride. You and I will both get there when We need to. And now that You know the Reason, We will all be better off for It. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#heaviness-of-gravity

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