The Grooming Kit Getaway

Duff Here. As You remember, Mom grooms Me every Morning. Now, the Grooming Kit is not an Elaborate Gadget. It holds a Slicker Brush to smooth out Tangles in My Luxurious Fur. And a can of Bag Balm to keep My Paws Soft and Smooth. And a couple of Pairs of Scissors to clip away Errant Fur. The zippered Case itself is durable, and has been with Us since I was a Puppy. Many years back... Mom keeps it on the Ledge above the washing Machine. Living unstuck.

One Day, She finished My Groom, and tucked the Kit away, After a short Time, there was a Loud Ka-Boom! I began to bark in My Defense Mode. Mom could not imagine what the Noise was, so She fearlessly approached the Area. (I was at the Rear Guard, right behind Her.) Nothing seemed to be amiss. And then She began to laugh. The Kit had escaped and fell from the Ledge, landing in the Empty Washing machine. What a way to Amplify Sound! And All was well. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had a time where Something Startled You? Or is everything calm and Quiet in Your World? I say: Pay attention to Those Loud Noises. Check Them out. I’m 100% behind You, always at the Ready. And My Bark is Mighty and Fierce, especially for a Very Small Dog. We’ll scare Them off together! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#loud-noises

Fear doesn’t shut you down;
it wakes you up.

—Your Tango

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