The Friendliest Person I’ve Never Met

Duff here. As Mom and I saunter about, She often waves at Cars as They Pass by. Sometimes the Drivers wave back and smile. Some look straight ahead. When it was the Dark of Winter, One would blink Their Headlights as They passed by. The highlight? A delightful Police officer, who would flash the Red and Blue lights on top of Her Cruiser. That’s living unstuck for sure.

Once, Mom was walking and greeted a Couple as They passed by. The Fellow stopped in His tracks, turned and said, “You’re the Friendliest person I’ve never met.” And laughed. Seems that for some time, He had been waving back at Mom in the Early Morning, starting Her Day off on a happy Note. So fun to get acquainted on another Level. The Morning Wave was spreading cheer for both. All in living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have one way of Greeting people? Or do You vary Your Routine? I say: Shake it Up. Enjoy life. Put a spring in Your step and update what You do. You’ll be surprised at the Positive response. That’s right. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-morning-wave

I think you’re the friendliest person I’ve never met.

—A Fellow Walker

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