The Empty Food Dish

Duff here. I decide It’s Time for Breakfast, but Mom isn’t quite ready. As a hint, I go and mournfully look in My Food Dish. (Yes, It’s the Bowl that says Good Dog on it.) Nothing there. You’d think She would pay attention. I then circle around, and look from The Other Side. Perhaps I missed Something. But No. It’s empty as can be. I finally Sit in the Dish and let out a Long Sigh. Not living unstuck.

At this Point, Mom notices and hurries over to My Location. I give Her the Sad Puppy Eyes (works every Time,) and She scrambles to prepare My Meal. Turkey and Chicken. A touch of Rice. Chicken broth. Pumpkin. A whole Bunch of Vitamins to keep Me Strong. She stirs It vigorously, then sets It down right in front of Me. Pats My Silky Head. Finally! That’s the way a Dog should be treated. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You feed Your Critters in a timely Manner? Or do You lallygag about like Mom? I say: Hustle it Up. We get hungry, You know. Lots to do and not Much Time to do it in. Would You also do Me a favor and send some positive Suggestions Mom’s way? I’d appreciate it! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#empty-dish

Today’s good mood sponsored by dog kibble.


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