The Disappearing Squirrels

Duff here. And I have been in a conundrum all of my life. That’s right. Ever since I was a puppy, this situation has been occurring. Perhaps you can help me with this, for my mom goes into hysterics when it comes up and can’t explain for all her laughter.

It goes like this: the day begins and we are on the porch. Or on a walk. Or sitting among the trees in the forest. Suddenly, I spot a squirrel. Or two of them. I begin to give chase. Now, I’ll admit . . . I was quicker and faster in my younger years. But I still give them a run for their money. Those little fellows with the fluffy tails (like mine!) make funny chit-chit noises as they move along. Almost as if they’re scolding me for our game of tag. And then, poof! They’re gone.

That’s when my mom starts to chuckle. And giggle. And laugh. Sometimes she even has to wipe her eyes because she’s laughing so hard. She then points above my head. She has even come to me, gathered me up and tilted my head toward the sky. That only annoys me.

I can still hear the squirrels but they have disappeared. (Up the tree but that’s out of my realm). I get discouraged, but soon they come down and we start in again. Not all bad to make my mom laugh that hard either. After all, I’m living unstuck.

Have you ever pursued a dream or an idea with passion only to have it disappear? Vanish? Go poof into the night? Believe me, it’s not fun. But I encourage you to persevere. The vision will return once more and you will begin again. We can both be unstuck. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

Be happy; not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything.

—Recovery Inc.

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