The Dead End

Duff here. Snow arrived with a Bang early last Week. The First Storm brought 6-8 inches Of that White Blanket. Then another Dumping of the White Stuff came the next Day. Now, I love snow as much as The Next Canine. But this Snowfall was over My head at times. Kinda discouraging. Not unstuck at all.

Ding! Time for My early Morning Constitutional. Mom is the Diva of Snow Shoveling. She bundled Up, Took the Shovel in hand and began to Muck Her way through the Drifts. I was Right behind Her, Cheering her on. She stopped at the First tree, expecting That was far enough. But I had other Plans. I sighed and Charged on ahead, Shoulder deep in the Fallen Flakes. Turning around and around, I Made the Perfect Spot. Lived unstuck (and relieved.)

But I was not Particularly content with the Situation. Mom went Out later and Shoveled some more. But not quite far Enough to reach the Street. I got Stuck at a Dead end. I told Her: Enough of This Breaststroking through Snow. (I try to be so brave for Her. But inside, I am just a Little Boy Dog.) Clearing some More, She made a pathway just for Me. Hooray! That’s living unstuck.

Did you enjoy the Snow? What type of Adventures did You have? Did You feel Virtuous while you Dug out? Or did a Kind Soul give You a Hand? I say: Enjoy the Delights of Winter. They can bring Memorable Journeys, ones to share around a Fireplace with a Cup of Cocoa. That’s the life. No dead ends for You. Live Unstuck.

You have to be stronger than your obstacles, and braver than your fears.


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