The Blue Cheese Caper

Duff photo

Duff here. The other day, Mom opened the Refrigerator. And Immediately, a Foul Odor came rolling out of Its Bowels. Mom made a Stench Face, and I immediately had to Come over and Investigate. I stood next to her as She Cleared out the Fridge, cleaning as She went. (The Cold Box probably needed it anyway.) My goodness, We had a lot of Stuff in there. Prepared for the Millennium, I’d say. Living unstuck.

She placed Everything back inside the fridge and closed the door. Our Job was done! But the next time We accessed The Fridge? The Nasty odor was still there. How could that Be? Once again, all the goodies came out. We even sampled with a Taste or Two. Then back in and close the Door. Still a scent, but Mom got wise. She looked at the Container of Blue Cheese. The Lid was askew. Problem solved. Mom and I were both Amused. Snapped on the Top. All was well. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You faced a Problem and thought it Solved? But it wasn’t? I say: Stick with it. It all works out in the Long Run. (And You might even get some tasty Samples along the way.) I have found this to be True. #unstuck-living#smelly-stuff

Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.

—James Michner

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