The Apology

Duff here. Every now and again, Mom gets clumsy. She trips, and not-so-gracefully. Recovers, quickly checking around to see if Anyone saw Her. Pretty fast on her Feet, I say. She can also take out an entire end Display at a Super Market. The Last Time, She stood and held It in place while Others ran to get help. Yep, that’s My Mom. Living unstuck.

The Worst is when She accidentally steps on Me. My Fluffy tail seems to be a Big Target every now and again. But the times She steps on My Paw? I give an Oscar-worthy Performance. I yelp. I limp a bit. I look wounded for a while. And Mom goes into full Fledged Apology Mode. (See clipping, comparing Stepping on Husband’s Foot and the Dog’s paw.) Oh my! She is so very Sorry, and I know I’ll get cuddled for a While. If I’m really living well? A treat! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You an Expert at apologizing? Or do You simply say You’re sorry and let It be? I say: If the Situation is dire, apologize Away. You want to stay in Good Graces, be it with Your Husband or Your Puppy. And a Treat for either One? Might not be a bad idea, either. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#apologies

I would like to apologize to anyone I have yet to offend.
Please be patient. Your turn is coming.


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