The Animated Bed Rumple

Duff here. When Nap time, or even Bed Time, arrives, Canines have a particular way of Preparing Their Bed. Some search for a particular Spot. Circle once or Twice. Then plop down. Others twirl quite a Bit before Finding the Perfect Place. They like to be sure it’s a Location to settle in and be comfortable.

I am more like My Mom. She shapes her Pillow before lying down. Sometimes it’s okay. And Sometimes it’s not. She sighs, sits up in Bed, and reworks the Scenario. Myself? I like to furiously rumple My Bed. I make sure I have pounded It into submission before I Turn around and settle in. You can see from this Fabulous Shot of Me in Action that I mean business. Do You like the blur of My Flying Ears? Such a dramatic effect ! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You simply settle in for The Night? Or are You the type that has to get everything around You perfectly in Place? I say: Rumple the Bed a Bit. Get comfy and Cozy. (I have found furious Animation helps at this time.) Try it! You’ll like it. And it amuses those around You. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-bed-rumple

A bedtime routine is a series of habits that tell your body
it’s time to hit the rack.


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