That Empty Space

Duff here. Recently, Our Car needed repair. After a bit of shopping after Work, Mom got in and turned on the ignition. Click. Tried again. No go. Nor on the next few attempts. So the Jeep was towed to The Best Mechanic Ever for some TLC. We were safe and warm when We got Home, (not Before) and were definitely living unstuck.

The next day was Another Story. Mom arranged for a Very helpful Neighbor to give Us a Ride to Work. But I didn’t understand. I went down to Our Parking Area. And stared. I was flummoxed, for all I saw was An Empty Parking Space where We park. I couldn’t believe My Eyes. No Doggy Palace on Wheels. So I began trotting further down the Row of Cars, in The Hope that Mom had simply parked Somewhere Else. No such luck. She finally gathered Me up, and Off We went on Our New Adventure. Living unstuck in a New Way.

How about You? Do You get Discombobulated by Life’s surprises? Or are You Smooth and Suave? I say: Aim for the Latter. But learn to recover quickly in the Face of Change. I must say, Our Neighbor’s car was Elegant! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#life’s-surprises

Overthinking can weigh you down!
Pause and open some space for inspiration.

—Carolynne Melonyk

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