Taking Risks

If it’s still in your mind . . . it’s worth the risk.

—Paulo Coelho

Duff here. There’s something edgy about Risks. Some are easy: I’ll take a Walk this morning. While Others are more challenging: the Very first time at Doggy Day Camp. I didn’t know if I was Ready or Not. After all, I’m a Very Small Dog. Who would I find There? Would I be accepted? When I was Younger, I had been chased by a Big Fierce Black Dog. I escaped under a Car. Safe! Would My Visit be like that? Not unstuck at all.

But I had a Dream of playing with Other Pups and Canines. Nothing like being around other Four Leggeds! We speak the Same language. Greet each Other in the same Way. Romp and Play. Bark at the same things: birds, Cars, anything to alert the Senses. I took courage in Hand (I should say Paw,) and off I went. And to this Day, I’m glad I Did. What Fun! Well worth the Risk. Totally living unstuck.

How about You? Ready to take a Risk or Two? Or do You hang back? I say: Who are We to decide that some Things are Not worth the Risk . . . unless We try? If You don’t take risks, You’ll never know. I did, and It has made all the difference. You can too. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#taking-risks

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