Taking a Pill

Duff here. Recently, I had to take a series of Pills to boost My Constitution. For Some Folks, this is no big Deal. I watch Mom dole out her Vitamins for the next Day. She also takes some in the Evening, just on general principles. Such a wad of Stuff to swallow! She drinks water to wash it all down (Her words, not Mine.) And seems to be able to keep up with Me, so I guess the regimen is working. Living unstuck.

But when it comes to Me? We have tried the “hide the pill in peanut butter,” but I’m clever. I lick off the Goodies and leave the pill. On to Plan B, which goes like This: I patiently wait. Mom approaches Me, pill in Hand. She firmly grasps My Jaw, opens it, and pushes the Pill down My Throat. I actually like that. Quick and easy. Well, except for the Time I politely deposited It back on the carpet. And walked away. Good thing Mom has a sense of Humor. Living unstuck.

How about You? Pill taking a breeze? Or do You need added support? I say: Whichever way is best for You is the Way to go. I’d caution You about peanut butter though. You never know . . . Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#pill-taking

Stay calm and take a chill pill.


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