Stretch Out and Relax

Trouble remembering how to relax? Here’s a Picture of Me, The Guru of Relaxation.

Duff again. Today We Celebrate Presidents Day. Awhile back, We used to enjoy two days for these Two Esteemed Heads of the Country. But, alas. Consolidation is key in This Day and Age. You and I only have One Day to Relax. To Stretch out either Mind or Body and let Go a bit. Believe it or Not, My world is Hectic at times. So much to do. And places to go. Not to mention those available Scents and Sounds. It’s a Dog’s life, for sure. That’s living unstuck.

But all This Frenzy can be Too Much at times. What to Do? Back off and Take it easy. I Stretch Out all four Paws. Sometimes I do this While on My back. Or sometimes resting on My tummy. But usually on My side, where I can wiggle my Toes. Arch My back. Then there’s the deep Sigh. You know. The One that expands the Ribs, sending a cascade of Pleasure down Your Spine and Through Your body. Muscles soften and the breath slows. Thoughts float by and All is Well. Time for You to Connect with You once again. Living unstuck.

I’m curious. Will You give Yourself the day off? Put those Chores and that Honey Do List aside and take a breather? Here’s what I say: Your Mind needs a break. Take the time to Listen to Yourself. You might even Check Your thoughts, directing them toward Peace and Positivity. I have found that Helpful. (Even better than a Treat.) Enjoy the Day. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#relax

Always make time for things that make you happy to be alive.


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