Small Powerhouses

Duff here. Have I told You about Aunt Cordelia? I thought not. As You can see, She was definitely an Altruistic Powerhouse packed into a Very Small Frame. She was always up for an Adventure. She was often Out and About, checking out New Horizons. She was Fierce in many Ways, often using Her loud Bark to ward off Intruders. Such success before Mayhem ensued! Living unstuck.

She would also initiate Attacks from High Places for Her. Sofas. Bookshelves. Dining Tables. Beds. Kitchen cupboards. Once, She launched Herself from Above the Stove. Don’t ask how She got there, for She was intrepid. If She shared Her Secret? Her Antics would be Thwarted. No assistance for Those in Need. A sad scene, to be sure. She truly lived as if Someone had left the Gate Open. Such a High-spirited Lady! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You devoted to High Adventure? Or are You rocking on the Porch? I say: Take a page from Aunt Cordelia’s Book. Strike out and Adventure a Bit. I have found That gives some Spice to Life. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#caring-for-others

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

—William Shakespeare

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