Sleep Like a Baby

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.


Duff here. Among other things, Mom calls Me Duff. Or Mac Duff. Usually It’s The Duff, which to Me is a term of Royalty. (I am Kingly, don’t You agree?) Sometimes, it’s Little Baby Duffer Dog. Other Friends call Me Duf Duf. Or “you cute little thing!” And it’s the Tone of Voice that I respond to the most. That tender, loving Sound touches My Ears and causes Me to respond in adorable Ways. Living unstuck.

Mom was remembering this last June when it was Light at 4:00 am. I decided It was time to get up and begin the Day, Yes, I did! That was effective for 4-5 days, until a very Sleepy Mom rolled out of bed, peered into the Carrier, and said “MacDuff Courtney, Stop” in a very Firm Voice. She then muttered something about the fact that “Yes, I was Her baby . . . but I didn’t need to act like One in the middle of the Night.” And that was That. We both slept soundly after that Clear Understanding. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You respond well to Suggestions? Or do You need a Direct Command? I say: Push Your Luck. It is most entertaining for a Time. Until it isn’t. Then, I’d suggest You’d better mind. Dire consequences might result in a Firm Word or Two. (But maybe not.) All in living unstuck. #unstuck-living#sleep-like-a-baby

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