Share the Bed!

I’m entitled to half the bed. I’ll just take my half in the middle.


Duff here. My Uncle, Lil Booboo, was telling Me about His Sleeping Accommodations. He begins by snuggling in between His Owners on the Bed. All is well for the first little Bit. Then? He stretches out. But Only on His Master’s Side. (He wouldn’t dare to do so to the Lady of The House. She’s strong and Mean, that One.) Soon, The Master is clinging (for Dear Life) on the Edge of the Bed. All the while, the Lady is cautioning Him to not crowd Lil Booboo. What a life! Living unstuck.

Mom has told Me of Other Friends who are in a similar Predicament. One Friend has Numerous Dachshunds in Bed with Her. She too is dangling on the side of the Bed, dreaming of being pushed off a Cliff. Another Pup, Mattie, starts out side by side, but soon switches to parallel to the Top of the Bed. One of the Sleepers eventually gets up and sacks out in the Recliner. Canine power! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You Share Your Bed with Your Animal? Or do They have Their own Place? I say: Mom and I vote for the latter. A few times, Mom has tried to get Me to Sleep on Her Bed. After about 15 minutes? I stand and stare at Her, telling Her “This is Not My Place.” And that’s that. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#sleeping-accomodations

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