Sermon? Or Conversation?

No one likes a sermon. Everyone likes a conversation.”

—Jason Reynolds

Duff here. After a Daughter explained a complicated Situation to Her Mom, Mom turned around and told Her to do the Exact Same Thing the Daughter outlined. The Daughter started to chuckle, and said to Our Friend, “You give great sermons! Did You even hear what I said?” And They both laughed. Definitely living unstuck.

I, Myself, don’t have this Problem. I’m very direct and to the Point. I have simple Conversations. It’s either Dinner time. Or not. Time to walk. Or snooze. Time to Play. Or wander about. Every now and again, Mom delivers a Lecture (Perhaps a Sermon) if She can’t track Me down. I listen intently for a while. Then go on about My Business. I figure She’ll get over It soon. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You deliver Sermons? Or do You prefer Conversations? I say: Unless You’re a Minister or lead a Church, I’d opt for the latter. Folks enjoy chit-chatting with each Other far more than The Lecture, believe Me. And You can have more Fun. I’m ready for that! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#conversation

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