Roscoe and Me

Hello there! It’s Duff. And I want to share what happened last week. My cousin, Roscoe, came to visit Me. Isn’t he a Handsome Fellow? And what a Grand Time we had. Once I got past the concept he was going to chew me up for breakfast, we played and romped about. Tug of War, my version of Fetch and Chase were all on the list of opportunities to have fun. What a sensational time! I lived unstuck.

As happens in Life, all Good Things come to an End. Roscoe had to return to his own home, where he had his special Roscoe bed and Eating Bowl. His Special Toys were there, too. His Yard had been Unprotected for a time and he was right on the Job to reclaim his territory. (I do the Same after I return home, no matter how long or short a time it is.) He lived unstuck.

But I was Left behind. At first, I moped around. I splayed out on the floor. I looked for Him in every corner and crevice. But no Roscoe. Sad news, indeed. After a Time, I began to take New Interest in life. After all, I wanted to have fresh stories to share when the Big Guy returned. Squirrels I chased and gophers I captured. Walks I took with Mom in the Forest. The different Scents and Sounds I discovered. I would live unstuck.

How about you? Do you Mope about after a Visitor leaves? How long does it take for you to start Perking Up? I say: Cut that Sad Time as short as you can. Yes, you miss them. But they will return and you want to be as Interesting as can be, with new Narratives of Exploits and Enterprises. I encourage you: Go for it. I do and find my Spirits are quite High. And Adventures are always around the Corner. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#friends

I have learned that to be with those I like is enough.

—Walt Whitman

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