Resilience Over the Years

Love many. Trust few. Learn to paddle your own canoe.

—Vanilla Beane, 100-year-old milliner

Duff here. Recently, Mom and I watched an interview with The Hat Lady, 100-year-old Vanilla Beane. What a woman! Think of all She has seen in Her Life: From horse and Buggy to the Space Shuttle, and everything in between. Born in the South, She followed her Sisters to Washington D.C. and began work as an elevator Operator. There was a Millinery Shop in the same building, and Vanilla got intrigued with Making hats. She tried her hand at That and After retiring from a GSA position, started to create these lovely custom-made Confections. (I wonder what Kind of Hat She would design for me?) She lived unstuck.

She began with small Brim hats in the 40’s and has changed with the Fashions through the Years, even to the Unusual Shapes for the Kentucky Derby. For six decades, Beane and the crowns She creates are a must-have in D.C.’s African-American church-going community. Her shop, Bene Millinery and Bridal Supplies is a legacy, and She still works alongside other family members, 6 days/40 hours a week. That’s living unstuck.

Vanilla’s Mom gave Her the Advice in our Thought For The Day when She was a little Tyke. Those phrases have served Her well all these years. And Resilience is Her Watchword.

How about You? Were You given Words to Live By as a Little one? Or do You make them up as You go? I say: Think back to the Wisdom handed down to You. More often than not, You have relied on the Energy of those Words for many Years. Keep on! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#steadfast

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