Remembering Who You Are

It’s okay. You just forgot who you are. Welcome back.


Duff here. It’s winding up into full gear for the Holiday Season. On top of My Regular Schedule, I watch Mom make Plans and purchase Gifts. She even made a list on Her Computer, noting what She bought and who It was For. This year, She got smart and noted where She stored those precious Treasures. We are both Shaking Our heads as She discovers Gifts in a Far Corner Somewhere from 4 years back. She just forgot where She placed them. Not unstuck at all.

She can also get too Wound up in the Season. That’s when She forgets Who She is, and becomes more Rigid. That’s where I step in and remind Her, “It’s time to Play. Time for a Walk. Time for Me.” Then She comes back into being the Doggy Mommy I know and Love. And I welcome Her back. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You get Involved in a project or a Season and forget Who You are? Or do You stay the Course? I say: Slow down. Check out the Scenery. Breathe deeply. And notice One Thing You are Grateful for, be It large or small. “˜Tis the Season. Living unstuck #unstuck-living#remembering-who-you-are

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