Recovering From a Bad Dream

Duff here. It was about 2:30 a.m. and I was having a Bad Dream. Thrashing about in my Carrier, aka My Safe Place. Just having an Awful Time. Mom woke with a Start when She heard my yips. She moved quickly out of Her bed and gathered up a Flashlight. When She opened My Door, I came out and Told Her all about it. How Truly bad it Was. How I was almost done for. She comforted Me, stroking My Head and Ears. Rubbing My back. Talking softly to Me. I was living unstuck.

She then clicked on the Flashlight. As She shone that cone of light into My Carrier, We both peered inside. We checked all the Corners. The Top. Even under My Bedding. Whew! Nothing there. Mom spoke gently once again, and told Me how brave I was. And how Smart to Alert Her to My predicament. I then decided It was time to go Back to Sleep, and scooted into My Den. All was Well in my world. Living unstuck again.

How about You? Have You gotten Yourself into a Mess and didn’t know how to Get Out? Or has Your life been Smooth Sailing? I say: If You are in a pickle, hunt up a Good Friend. Take it from me: It helps to have Two of You to face that Tough Time. And I’m here for You too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#a-bad-dream

307. Waking up and realizing your bad dream wasn’t real.


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