Put Downs and Other Derogatory Names

Why was the color green notoriously single?
It was so jaded.

—Parade magazine

Duff here. Uncle Elias was Angry. Hurt. Upset. Ticked off. His Master had the Nerve to refer to Him as “the dog.” I mean, really? . . . He’s a Royal Member of the Family. Devoted. Loyal. Trustworthy. Brave. Kind. Compassionate. To be labeled as Only “the dog” was an Insult. And Elias can hold a grudge with the best of Them. It took a Week or longer to get past that Verbal Slight. Until the right snack . . . Living unstuck.

But Mom never calls Me the Dog. As You know, I have many Different names, all depending on the Situation. If I’m Little Baby Duffer Dog? She’s in a loving moment. If it’s Duff! with a lot of emphasis? We’re late for Work. And if It’s My full name, MacDuff Courtney, I got found out for a Misdeed and am in Deep trouble. Either that, or I decided to Play Hide and seek. Always fun for Me, but not so Much for Mom. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You get upset at being called a Name? Or do You laugh It off? I say: Check out the Name. If It’s fun and you like It? What a great Nick Name! If not, Let the Other know right Quick. I have been known to Ignore That type of Moniker, Myself. It works every time. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#name-calling

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