I can’t believe it’s almost time to put off the things I didn’t do this summer until next summer.


Duff here. Summertime! I have had a great Summer so far. I’ve visited Doggy Day Camp. I’ve played with My Buddies and taken many walks. I had some Dental Work done. (Enough said about that.) I have enjoyed being cool indoors, for the Dog Days of Summer have been hotter this year than I remember. You too? Guess it’s part of living unstuck.

On the other hand, Mom was looking at Her Summer Time List. You know, those things She put off when it was cold and snowing. (I can’t recall that, for I live in the Now.) And She was amazed! Some things She had accomplished, like clearing out the Storage Unit. While Others are still languishing. She chunked away on Housecleaning yesterday. Talk about a happy Camper! And there’s more to come. But She may shorten the List to spend More Time with Me. Most important of all! That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You checking things off Your Summer List? Or beginning to Prioritize? I say: Select the Activities that bring the Most Joy, and bring Them closer to the Top. Or mix Them in with what’s Gotta Be done. Your future Self will thank you for creating such Delightful memories. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#priorities

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