Preserve the Warm Air

Duff here. Off and on, it’s been Cold in These Parts over the last few Weeks. Mom goes downstairs to the Jeep to warm It up before We leave. We all know She wants to keep Her Duffer Dog warm and toasty. She cranks up the heat full Blast. Mom’s cold, so I not only get into a heated car. But I have a lightweight Blanket tucked tenderly around Me. All very well and good to begin with. Living unstuck.

We head out, and I’m snoozing along. Such a delight! When We get to Work, She bids Me farewell. Then opens the Jeep to get Her Precious Treasures from the Back Seat. All the Hot Air inside the Car was escaping. If She takes too long (My estimation) I poke My Nose out and give Her The Look. You know that Look. It’s the One Your Mama gave You when You were misbehaving. That does the trick! Yay Me! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You warm the Car, then leave the Door open for the Heat to escape? Or are You well-organized? I say: if you are, please let Mom know Your secret. She’s getting better but has a ways to Go. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-look

Again? Mom, really!

—The Duff

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