Pie As a Food Group

Autumn. A time when pie is a food group and
living in sweatpants is acceptable.


Duff here. Pie as a Food Group? I’m all in! So far, Mom has limited My edible selections to specialized Dog Food and a Meat. It might be part of a Leftover pork Chop. Or Chicken. Or . . . whatever suits Mom’s fancy. The Topping is always Pumpkin, where Mom thinks She snookers Me to hide My Support foods. My Favorite? The Missing Link, complete with the scent of Mussel. Stinky to some, but as an after-dinner Aroma? Delectable to Me! Living unstuck.

And I love Pumpkin! Its yummy sweet Flavor is a real Treat. For many years, Mom used Peanut Butter as a transport for Medication. But I caught on, and now run Like the Wind when I even get a Whiff of the Stuff. Yuck! But that Orange Delectable Gourd? Oh yes, please! Yum! Living unstuck. Living unstuck.

How about You: Are You a Pumpkin Lover? Or is it something You haven’t even considered? I say: Let the Gourd Times roll! I just think it’s divine. And living in Sweatpants will come in handy if You really Dive into Pumpkin Pie (with a dollop of Whipped Cream!) Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#pie-as-a-food-group

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