Pickup Time at Doggy Day Camp

Duff here. I had an Adventure I simply must Share with You. After a big storm, Mom came to pick Me up at Doggy Day Camp. It had snowed, then melted. In My part of the World, Roads turn to Sticky Mud. When I run through It, My Paws make a sucking sound. The marks I leave are a Sight to behold. To Me, living unstuck.

The Owner of My Spa came out of the Kennel with Me in the Carrier. Mom hadn’t brought the Outer door, so She was using her Body to block the Opening. I couldn’t escape to greet My Mom! But More Importantly, I couldn’t land in the Mud and spread it All over the Car. Mom finally gathered Me up, and put Me in the Front Seat. I was so excited, I flipped Myself over, wedged Myself in and couldn’t get off My back. Mom was eventually Helpful (after a Giggle or two) and helped Me right Myself. (Santa will leave Coal in Her Stocking this year for doing That.)  Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You been in a Tight Spot, and a Friend came to Your Rescue? Or did Your Buddy just laugh and Let You work it Out? I say: Count on the Good Friends. They may Smile but will always come Through in a Pinch and give You a hand. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#doggy-day-camp

May you never be too grown up to not search the skies on Christmas Eve.


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