Persistence and Determination

Persistence and determination are always rewarded.

—Christine Rice

Duff here. By now, You know Me well. And if nothing else, I am a Persistent and Determined Pup. Being the Therapy dog for Unstuck Living, Part of My Duties are to use My Canine Intuition and Know when People need me. Or Not. Living unstuck.

The other day a Client came in unsure of what To expect in the Office. I made Him feel right at Home, but sensed All was still not well. As He described his Dilemma, I politely asked to join Him on the Chair. Permission granted. (But sometimes, I get antsy and need to stretch. Down on the Floor I went.)

But I knew He still needed Me. So as He and Mom worked, I put My Paws on the recliner seat. And again, asked to come up and Help. He agreed and I snuggled in next to Him, happy to be of Assistance. (Nice to have a Buddy when Life is Bumpy, don’t You agree?) I needed to be Persistent and determined. After all, to do so is an important Job. Living unstuck. How about You? When You see a Friend in need, do You offer assistance? Or continue on Your way, knowing Your life to be Self Contained? I say: Open up. Lend a Hand. And be Persistent. Your determination will reap Mighty rewards. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#persistence-and-determination

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