Part of the Family

Duff here. Mom and I are Family. A close Family, at that. And Families travel. We have adventured to Many Places over the years. In a Car. On Foot. In a truck that specialized in Moving Stuff and traversing Snowy Nights. The Engine was massive, and had a Mighty Roar. The Sound scared me, so I’m Not sure if that was My Favorite Vehicle. But We did move right along, on High roads and By roads, through forests and on Highways. Living unstuck.

One of The Best Ways I know that I’m Family? When Mom sends out Cards and letters, She signs, “Joan and The Duff.” She is claiming Me! Talk about excitement. She and I clicked the first Time I saw Her. (You do know Dogs choose People, don’t You?) I had dibs on Her and We have been together ever since. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have someone You claim as Yours? Or are You bereft? I say: Look around and see Who’s in need. It might be a Neighbor. Or a Friend. Or a Single Person at Church. You might eventually even put Their Name on Your Cards. You never Know. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#family

Do you even have a dog if you don't sign their names on cards?


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