Online Dating

I know, you thought it was just another boring day until you saw my photo.

—Tinder Pick up Lines

Duff here. Uncle Sanders was all alone. And lonely. While He had a few good male Canine Friends to pal around with, what He truly wanted was some Feminine Companionship. A Lady’s perspective and Her Fresh approach to life would certainly put a Spring in His Step. Keep Him playing and frolicking about. Living unstuck.

My Uncle called on One of the Younger Generation to assist in this Endeavor. Cousin Maynard to the rescue! He was gentle in His Ways, and knew How to say Things just right. He helped His Uncle Sanders to put His Best Paw Forward on Tinder. What a job It was! Long walks and Snuggling on the Sofa? Of course! But Most importantly? He cautioned His Uncle about one Habit that was a No-No. Great idea, don’t You think? Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You made a date Online? Or is It all too foreign to You? I say: Give it a Try. You never know. And if You get stuck with what to Say, hunt up a Young ‘Un. They’ll help! #unstuck-living#online-dating

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