On Hold

Duff here. My World seems to be on Hold right now. It’s like when Mom pushes the Pause button on a Movie, and Everything on the Screen stops. People’s mouths hang open. If a Character is running, They might be in Mid-Stride. A Dog might be caught in a Fabulous Leap. Nothing is going on, because They are mired in this Pose. Not unstuck at all.

Then Mom told Me about the Outdoors Player’s Company, who gave Performances during Summer Time in Balboa Park, San Diego. She would bring a Chair and enjoy the Plays nestled among the Eucalyptus Trees. It was marvelous! The One major Drawback? The Stage was directly beneath the Flight path to the Airport. Every 15-20 minutes or so, a huge Plane would Fly over the Scene with a Monumental sound. The Players would Immediately freeze and Hold their Position until the Plane passed overhead. Then pick up Where They left off. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Feel Your Life has hit an unending Pause button with No End in Sight? Or are You more Like the Outdoors Players? Once the uproar is past, You can begin to move about Freely again. I say: Be an Outdoor Player. You’re confined for the Moment. But this Too will pass. There is an End in Sight. In the meantime, live unstuck with Mom and Me. We won’t steer You wrong. #unstuck-living#on-hold

It seems life is on hold right now.

—Doris Tyler

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