No Worries

Duff here. As I look around My World, I notice a lot of Worrying going on. Folks are wound up over a potential lack of Toilet Paper. Or Cold Weather. Or “I-texted-Them-and-They-haven’t-texted-Me back.” Or “What will I do next Tuesday?” Lots of Fussing about over little Issues, if You ask Me. Not living unstuck at all.

But when We recently had a Big Snow, I really had Something to be concerned about. I am used to finding My perfect Place fairly easily. It is available close by, and Readily identified as Dirt. But with all this White Stuff, there was Not a patch of Ground to be found. I kept searching, peering over the Plowed Edges of the Road. And all I could see was (You’ve got it) Snow. Mom finally realized what the problem was and dug Her Boot heel into the ground. Finally! A spot of dirt. And My Worries were over. Living unstuck

How about You? Do You worry needlessly? Or do You save it up for Something truly worthy of Your Concern? I say: Life is too short to be frivolous with Your Fussing about. Store it up for The Big One. Then You’ll have the Energy to take It On. Or perhaps You’ll realize: It’s going to be fine. Because it is. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#worries

Stop worrying. It’s going to be fine. Because it is.

—Caroline Jordan

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