No Whining

Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.

—President Theodore Roosevelt

Duff here. I found this Quote quite interesting. And Amusing. I am not a Whiner, for My world is too full of Things to Explore and People to Meet. If I run up against a Problem, I not only Pose a Solution but I act on It. An example? This Morning was very cold. Snow and Ice all around. And it was time for Me to Exercise. (That’s one Way to live unstuck.)

Mom is a Trusting Soul. She didn’t hook up My Leash before We stepped out the Door. Big Mistake on Her part. I tricked Her and shot down the stairs, heading for Spaces where She could not Get Hold of Me: under a Large Truck, in front of Cars, on a Vast Sheet of ice. I finally found the perfect Escape Plan. A Pristine Field of two feet of Snow. I have 4 legs to Spread Heft and am Light of Weight. I skipped across this Expanse. No problem! Mom? One step after Another, she sank knee deep into the Snow. (I even turned and Encouraged Her, but was Not well Received.) She was almost stuck.

After a Time I was done Exploring. I met Mom at the door of our Place. She had Turned around and Returned to the Spot We first Began. That’s living unstuck to me.

What about You? Do You Complain on and On without making a Suggestion for Change? Or do You Evaluate the Issue and List Solutions, finally selecting One that Suits? I Recommend: Work on the Second Concept. You will Open Your Mind to new Horizons. And even Tickle some folks along the way. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#nowhining

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