National No Stress Day

Duff here. Right now, So many People are Talking about being Stressed out. If It isn’t the price of gas, it’s the rising costs of Kid’s clothes. (Luckily Mom doesn’t have to purchase Clothing for Me. I’m Dapper as I am.) Or the Cost of Groceries, a Topic near and dear to My heart. (My Foodie tastes must be satisfied, You know.) Or it’s a casual remark Someone said that was perhaps misinterpreted. (Only if It’s about “let’s cut down on Food.” See Example #2 above.) Living unstuck.

I live Carefree and Delighted with the World. There’s so much I can’t Control But I run. I Play. I find interesting Places to investigate and Nooks to explore. There are even curious scents on the Sidewalk I simply can’t resist. I don’t worry too much about what Tomorrow will bring. That Day seems to take care of Itself, in all Its glory. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You totally stressed out? Or having Fun with the Day? I say: Let’s declare today National No Stress Day! Come along with Me and explore the Territory. Each Day is a New One for Me. I love living that way, and think You will too. Living unstuck.#unstuck-living#stress-free

They haven’t called me and asked what I thought
they should do today. Have they called you?

—Paul Verburg
(Mom’s Dad)

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