My Uncle Archie

Duff here. Mom and I came across an old family Album, and were reminiscing about Uncle Archie. That Fellow was a Character. Handsome, Debonair. An Expert at catching a Ball in His Mouth. Good at guarding Property. And people too. The little Ones were always safe with Him. And oh My, did He love the Ladies. All a part of living unstuck.

Archie also loved to eat. Anything and everything, as long as it had flavor and Taste. He wasn’t finicky about Texture, for those Goodies went down pretty fast. But He drew the line when Someone would Try to Sneak a Pill into the Deliciousness. He transformed into Gordon Ramsey of Hell’s Kitchen fame. My uncle would even Imitate the Trademark Yelling of that British Chef, letting all know They couldn’t put Anything past Him. “Try another time,” He would say. “Or use another Strategy.” That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You pretty easy Going about Life? But draw the Line at certain Activities? I say: Take a lesson from Uncle Archie and stand Your Ground. If it’s medication? You may not heal Up as Quickly as the Doctor would like, but It all tends to Work Out. Eventually, You’ll get that Pill down. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#character

They tried to snooker me . . . again.

—Uncle Archie

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