My New Strategy

Duff here. I have s New Strategy, and It’s working well for Me . . . so far. When Mom and I are ready to head back Inside, She usually has a lot of Side Maneuvers to make. Opening the Garage to gather up the Water Bottle. Then to the Jeep for My Bedding. And after to replace It once My Bath is finished and the Towels are Clean again. Dumping trash into the Proper Container. The Activity seems endless. Not unstuck.

I stand by. And watch and wait. Patiently. Once Mom is finished, She looks around and discovers I’m at the Far End of the Parking Lot. I’m smiling My Happy Doggy Smile at Her. She sighs. Then proceeds to Where I’m located. When She gets close? I dart away. She has to get behind Me. Then I make the Move toward Home. You should see It! Priceless. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Strategy to Control Others? Or do You go along to Get along? I say: It’s fun to be in Charge at Times. I enjoy it thoroughly. It doesn’t Make Points with Mom, but She loves Me anyway. I don’t push My Luck too far, though. Treats are the Best! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#strategies

Due to my remarkable negotiating skills, I always get my way.


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