My Mystery Twirl

Duff here. I have a Particular Behavior before I do some Things. I move in a clockwise Circle. Before My halter is put on in the morning. When I’m finding My Special Place for necessities. When I’m getting ready to settle for a Nap. Rumpling My Bed. Always that Motion. Never the other way. Living unstuck.

So, Mom was puzzling out My Behavior. She asked My Veterinarian. She asked Others who had Canines. She even Googled (is that even a Word?) to see what the Powers within the Computer had to say. Nothing. Nada. Goose egg. Not unstuck.

Then a Wise and Clever Client said, “He’s getting in Tune with the Magnetic Field of the Earth.” I jumped up and down. I wiggled My Body. I wagged My Tail. Finally someone understood My Secret! Such a relief to be Understood. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have a Specific habit, but don’t know where it came From? Or are You positive You understand the Exact Reason for doing What You do? I say: Nice to be understood, but still . . . Leave a little room for Mystery. That quality makes You more charismatic and Interesting to Others. At least, that’s What I have found. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#mystery

Life needs a little mystery.

—Rachel Umber

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