My Limber Mom

Duff here. Mom and I were on Our Early Morning Sashay yesterday. (Was it Dark? Oh, yes.) As We came to the Bottom of Our Hill, Mom stopped in Her tracks. Strung across the Road was a Strong waist high Wire with Red Reflectors on it. And oh My, did They sparkle and Shine. What a surprise! Mom was perplexed: how to get To the Other Side? I had no Idea She was that Limber. Or Flexible. She bent over and Slithered beneath the Barrier, ready to continue Our journey. She lived unstuck.

As for Me? I stood there in Amazement. And Astonishment. I had no idea She was a Contortionist of that Level. And personally, I couldn’t see The Fuss. I had no Problem Walking under the Wire. Plenty of room. While I am Flexible, I don’t go to Those Lengths to Show Off. I make a Spectacle of Myself in Different Ways. I live unstuck.

How about You? Do You have Hidden Talents? Do you surprise Your Friends with Skills as Yet Unknown? I say: Have fun and Show Off every Now and Again. It’ll be a True Eye-Opener. And a Topic of Conversation for some Time to come. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#lifesurprises

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.

—Carlos Barrios

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