My Invitation for Mom

Duff here. I went to Doggy Day Camp the other day. You already know What a Joyous Occasion this is for Me. I get to meet My Friends, run around in a Very large Play Area and connect with other Four Legged Canines. The Kennel is the Best, for I have My very own Spot, just for Me to Laze about In. The Lady Owner is very Kind to me, often calling Me by Name and telling Me what A Good Boy I am. It’s nice to be recognized for Who You are. That’s living unstuck.

This Time was a little Different. I Charged out of the Car after It stopped, Ready to Go and Play. But on My Way to That Diversion, I remembered Mom. After all, She had Made This Day possible. She called and Arranged a Space for me. She packed my food. She drove Me There. So turning on a Dime, I Ran Back to Mom and Invited her To come Play with Me and My Friends. I could tell she was Touched by My Gesture. But She reassured Me: This Time was Mine. We would Play on another Day. And off I went, To Live Unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Fun time Planned? And at the Last Moment, remember another Friend Who Would enjoy the Festivities? What happens Then? Do You pick up the Phone and Make That Call? I encourage You to do So. No Matter their Decision, You have extended an Invitation of Inclusion in Your World. And that Makes all the difference. Live Unstuck. #unstuckliving#inclusion#cameraderie

Hold a true friend with both your hands.

—Nigerian proverb

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