My Finicky Tastes

Duff here. I have a particular Yen for well Flavored Foods. They have to be well Prepared, and seasoned just Right to My Gourmet palate. I love certain Things, for They agree with My Tummy. After an Exquisite meal, I roll over on My back to allow space for My Belly to rumble about and digest in Style. So Reminiscent of Thanksgiving dinners. But I digress… Living unstuck.

There are Some Canines that will accept almost Anything. A Treat? Yes, yes! Dry dog food? Of course! Old dirty socks? I used to tear Them to shreds as a Puppy. But now? I am persnickety in My Tastes. If it’s not properly to My Liking, I back up, Sit down, and say, “No, thank you.” (I’m a polite Fellow, after all.) Mom gets distressed, and tries something different. I really get Her going. Such fun! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a discerning taste in Foods? Or will most anything Do? I say: Hold out a little. By doing so, I have found better Tasting Things can come My Way. However, it doesn’t do to Push My Luck too far. It can be a Long Time between Meals, You know. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#good-taste

After I’m done snacking, I have to show my hands to the dog like a back jack dealer.


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