My Early Christmas Gift

Duff here. When I was a Puppy, Christmas was a very Special Time. Good Food was always cooking on the stove. Baking and candy Making was ongoing. The Aromas throughout the house were delectable. My Doggy Daddy made sure I was outside the kitchen proper, but You can be sure I was right at the Edge of that marvelous Place. During the Season, That was Allowed. I am still persistent when It comes to munchies and Such. With My pleading Puppy Dog eyes, I live unstuck.

Mom forgot I was a Puppy (how could That happen?), and placed a Food treat under the Tree. It was beautifully wrapped, with Ribbons and Sparkly paper. And what was Inside Smelled so good. Simply irresistible. There was No One around when I Stealthily snuck over to the Package. I carefully picked It up and carried it to My Abode. Mom caught on when She heard the gentle tearing of the Decorative wrap. But by then, It was too late. I had the parcel opened and Half the Treat devoured. How Mom laughed at My cleverness. But You know, She learned from That experience. Forever after, My Gifts were placed under the Tree only on Christmas Day, period. Living unstuck Her way.

How about You? Have a Memory of an Early Christmas gift that was Supposed to be a Secret? (But You discovered It.) Bet You were wiser than I was, and carefully rewrapped The Package once Opened. Now that’s living unstuck. I say: Look around the House at This time of year, for You never know what You’ll find. Just remember to Act Surprised when the Gift Giving commences. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#sneakysurprises

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.

—Charles Schultz

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