Mutant Superpower

My mutant superpower is I can open any snack’s packaging the wrong way so it’s impossible to close it again.


Duff here. Mom has Vast Experience with this particular Issue. I have watched Her Maneuver and Fuss in a Variety of Ways to open a container. Perhaps a Jar. Maybe a package of Cheese. The worst is opening a sealed Package with a gadget inside. Once it was a Can opener. There were some naughty Words floating around, I tell You. Not living unstuck.

The most Anxiety producing for Me was when She could not open My bag of Treats. She pulled it. She ruffled it. She shook it. (That did no good at All.) Finally, the Scissors. By this time, She was so frustrated, the first Snip didn’t even scratch the surface. Sigh. The next try? She cut so deeply, there was No way at all to reseal the container. Much to My dismay, into a New Bag it went. I could not use My own Superpower to hear the Opening of the Snack bag and be at the Ready. But I am still fed, and fed well. No worries. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You an Expert at opening packages? Or do You have similar challenges as Mom? I say: Watch Others open package. And learn. Mom has even resorted to Google to help Her. Might be a good Resource! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#open-snack-packages

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