Duff photoDuff here. Monsoon season is fast upon us. Have I told you: Getting Wet Outdoors is not my favorite activity. However, I like my baths, where I can get cleaned up. I have even been known to hop into the tub and encourage Mom to Hurry Up. Time for some Luxury and Pampering, for after my Shower Mom cuddles me in a Large Towel. I truly live unstuck.

But Drenching Downpours are quite another thing. When we arrived home from work yesterday, the Storm was in full swing. Mom was gathering up items from the car to take Inside. As she looked at me, I was Comfy, Warm and Dry in my car carrier. She was outside in the Rain, which was coming down in Sheets of Water by then. I could tell she was contemplating leaving me there, but her Good Judgment prevailed. She Coaxed. She Sweet Talked. She used Strong Language, to no avail. Finally, she pulled me out. And yes, I got Saturated with Water. I lived unstuck in the Monsoon Storm.

Do you find yourself in Challenging Situations at times? Do you stay where it’s Warm and Dry? Or do you take your Chances and go Adventuring? I suggest the latter. It will broaden your Horizons (and also get you back inside a Warm Home). Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#gettingwet

It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.

—Henry David Thoreau

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